USDA Loans in California

As I deal with clients from all over the state of California, I continue to be amazed at how few borrowers and real estate professionals are aware of the USDA home loan program and its benefits.  And, if it is going on in California, I would imagine that is true in many other areas of the country.

To be eligible for USDA financing, a property has to be in an area deemed “rural” by the USDA.  In California, the eligible areas are much greater than most would think.  There are over 20 counties in the state in which the all the houses in the entire county are eligible.  Within the other counties, there are large areas outside of cities or metropolitan areas that are also eligible.  I find that especially in these counties, where some of the county is eligible and other parts aren’t, that most people don’t even know the USDA loan program exists.  This is unfortunate because as I have written in other blogs on this site, this program can mean the difference between owning a home or renting for a number of families who are motivated buyers, but lack the down payment to buy.

Interested in buying a home in California but don’t know if USDA financing is an option for you?  The best place to start is to see if the areas you are looking in are eligible.  If you want to search specific counties, you can click here county information to get specific county information.  If you have a specific property address, or you just want to scroll over a map of the state, you can find the map here eligible areas

If you have specific questions that you can’t find an answer for, or you have questions about qualifying about a USDA loan in the state of California, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address or numbers below.

Baxter Scruggs is a mortgage banker specializing in USDA loans in California, NMLS #156370. He can be reached at, or at 760-497-7705, or toll-free at 877-347-0004, ext. 226. Licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act.  The blog postings on this site represent the positions, strategies or opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of Guild Mortgage Company or its affiliates. Terms and conditions apply, all loans subject to underwriter approval. Subject to change without notice. Guild Mortgage Company NMLS #3274

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4 Responses to USDA Loans in California

  1. Lorena says:

    Is there any funds available for coachella, Ca. as off october 2011?? I have everything ready even the appraisal, I am just waiting on funds… 😦

    • usdahomeloan says:


      USDA is still waiting to get funding for the fiscal year which started October 1st, 2011. Some lenders can close loans on what are known as conditional commitments, and some lenders wont close on USDA loans until the new funding is approved. If you need help, we can close USDA loans currently on conditional commitments. Please feel free to contact me at 760-497-7705.

      Baxter Scruggs

  2. Gheb says:

    Thanks for such resourceful knowledge on your site. I am new home buyer, and have been stumbling around to get some picture of what USDA loan means as well as how and the locations it approves. I got clear idea here. Thanks!

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